Kitchen, Home Office & Dining Room Interior Design


Greg and Leslie hired me to create a plan for the decor for their downstairs to ensure that the kitchen renovation and adjoining rooms had a continuity and flow. 

When reviewing a very unused room I mentioned the idea of creating a home office. Greg & Leslie loved the idea. 

While shopping at a men's clothing store, I ran across this fabulous french writing table. I knew it would be perfect and that Leslie would love it, so, I negotiated a price and voila', it has found its perfect home. I had a craftsman add a few inches to the bottom to accommodate the custom chair we purchased from Interiors Home. 


Kitchen Renovation 

This kitchen just sparkles now. Flooring was chosen to bridge the adjoining den and pull the elements of the kitchen together. Granite counters, glass tile backsplash, white cabinets and brushed nickel finishes on appliances and fixtures create a cohesive and beautiful new kitchen. Finishing touches like the custom valance and sheer drapes add just the right nuance. 


Dining Room Interior Design 

I needed to work with Greg's inherited dining room set in redesigning the dining room. I found the rug at Essis & Sons, a hand woven wool rug – impeccably crafted – which pulled all the elements together. We had custom drapes made that add elegance and warmth to the room. I designed the walls to feature flat molding that went almost 3/4 of the way up the wall so we could paint the remaining wall and ceiling the same color. This added such intimacy to the room! Black accents like the chandelier I found online and custom chair seats helped to complete the picture.

Awesome! One of my favorite rooms. And theirs too. 

Now kitchen, dining room and home office all flow together with a coordinated color scheme and decor to complete a beautiful, fresh updated look. 

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