J. Christman - Realtor

"When I first saw Adair's staging work I immediately realized that she has the ability to bring an extra measure of style to a job.  She goes well beyond basic staging to give a property a high-end look.  Although that first job was in a tiny townhouse, I knew she was the right professional to stage my high-end listings.  She took a lovely but dated 6,000 square foot home and gave it the verve necessary to appeal to upwardly mobile buyers. The home sold in under 60 days."
"Adair worked with me on my home staging project.  I hired her because I was selling  my city home but was apprehensive about listing it -- thought that it may not sell right away.    Her enthusiasm and love for what she does certainly shows.  We collaborated extremely well and, in the end, the house looked amazing….so amazing that it sold in just two days!!  I was so impressed with her that I hired her to  do the interior design work on my new home.  The home looks better than I could have ever imagined.  I love it!!!   Thank you, Adair!!!" 

P. Woolworth - Homeowner

E. Renna - Homeowner

"Adairs assistance with my move to downsize to a more manageable home was invaluable. She helped edit and drew each floor with furniture placements to guide the movers and remind us of where things were going during my stressful day. From large furniture to lamps, rugs, paintings and smaller accessories Adair can pull a room together with unexpected flair and creativity. She also helped pick paint colors that I may have been hesitant to try, I am glad I put my trust in her vision. Her design and staging skills helped to make my new house a home. I highly recommend working with Adair." 
"Adair Witmer has a gift for color and design elements.  I have enlisted her help in decorating my personal home.  My home received an entire new look with Adair’s assistance.  My existing furniture, paintings, and other decorating items were utilized  by Adair to create an entirely new ambiance.  We also incorporated some ‘treasures’ from my basement.  My family room, den, and living room now all have much better flow and space due to Adair’s design plan and placement. The best part is my home was given a fresh look for nominal dollars spent and completed in a day’s time!"         

K. Davis - homeowner

C. Champion - Homeowner

"After living in my home for 16 years with 4 rambunctious kids and 2 large dogs, my kitchen, to say the least was a disaster. It was actually embarrassing to have friends over because it looked that awful. Thankfully I knew Adair and her ability to transform any room, whether it be an improperly lit restaurant or a house. I now find an awesome sense of peace within my new surroundings. She worked so astutely to figure out what would synch with my personality rather than impose her own preferences. The result was not only a beautiful new kitchen, but with Adair's assistance, we continued to transform the entire downstairs! I couldn't be more pleased with the results! I now confidently and happily have family and friends over because my house offers a great sense of comfort and style. Having Adair involved was the best decision I could have made and I would access her assistance again in a heartbeat!"

M Stager - Homeowner

"The work that Adair did for us had a significant impact on the value of our home, but more importantly, the design of our new kitchen has made our daily living and entertaining so much better!!  The design that Adair created for our space is not only functional, it is gorgeous!  Our new kitchen flows easily into our living room, making the space inviting for entertaining." 

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