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I've worked with Curt and Molly several times. When they decided to downsize from their large 3 story home to a rancher in the woods, the big challenge was making it feel like home without recreating what we did in the former home. 

To create give them lots of storage and still open up the space to create flow, I designed the kitchen to have 2 large cased entry's. Between the openings we loaded up the wall with floor to ceiling pantry cabinets that accommodate a microwave. It also features a coffee bar, a feature from their previous home they enjoyed and had on their wish list for the rancher. 




One of my favorite parts of the renovation was the bathroom. I chose a wood textured tile for the backsplash which was the perfect element to tie in to the rustic, woodsy setting of the house. 

Curt had the idea of putting a wide sink into the countertop which idea I loved. To enable a good reach over the sink we used tub spouts  and by affixing to the wall, allowed more space. It's an impressive transformation from the original very dated 60's bathroom. It  also features new, deep, floor to ceiling cabinetry in a soft blue / grey with lots of storage complete with pull out laundry baskets. 

What my clients have to say, is the most important thing 

At the end of the day, where you live expresses  you. It helps you rejuvenate and replenish. It should be your sanctuary.


If you enjoy clean, classic, fresh interior design, and love incorporating unique elements like antiques, enjoy cozy environments that you just want to slip into and enjoy. That's what we do. Give us a call. 

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