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Molly first came to me to ask how to make a grey kitchen she had found, work in her home that had mostly warm colors. She knew instinctively that the blue grey inspiration kitchen would not be a natural fit. I proposed that we look at grey green colors that have a similar undertone to the rest of her home to make the rooms flow. Then I designed the new kitchen to flow into what was an unused dining room.  See what Molly has to say about the new kitchen below. 


One of my specialties is space planning. If you have a question about your renovation project, I'm happy to help, send me a quick email by clicking on the link below   

To create balance I designed the kitchen to include floating shelves and wood accents at careful integrals throughout, picking up on the color of the wood floor. 



We hired Adair to help us pick out some colors for a kitchen that we were extending two feet into our dining room. Adair came to look at our space, which is a large 100+ year old house. Our house had two living rooms (one only used on holidays) and two dining rooms. Adair suggested that we consider knocking down the wall (instead of extending), getting rid of one of the dining rooms, and make it into one LARGE kitchen. She came back the following week with her design that was incredible! She thought through all the details and colors that matched my style. She helped us design the unused living room into a very inviting space. The finished kitchen and living room are amazing!! Words cannot describe how thrilled we are with our new space!!! I would highly recommend Adair!!

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