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  • Adair Witmer

G'bye Grey. This is the New Hue!

Well, ok, maybe grey isn't going completely away

But admit it, you have to be getting just a little tired of nothing but a sea of grey. Ok, maybe it's just me, BUT let's break it up a little bit. What do you say?

I'm ready to land on a new favorite color

I personally never had a favorite color. I always sort of prided myself that I loved all colors but I am about to change my mind and settle on a new favorite. I describe it as blue-green or more properly "cerulean." It borrows it's amazing beauty from the mediterranean. I predict this is the newest decor color trend. At least I thought I predicted it and then I saw that Behr also predicted it...who was first...well, in my mind, I was. Of course.

Is the Tide Shifting?

Now that everyone (literally everyone – homeowners, designers, renovators, builders, etc. etc.) have doused their homes in nuthin but grey finally, thankfully, I believe the tide is shifting. By the way, here is a hack to be able to predict what the next decor color trend will be. Color trends for homes always begin in fashion. You will see cerulean blue and various versions of it (some leaning more green and some leaning more cobalt blue) in jewelry, scarves, dresses, hats and gloves first. Cerulean is lovely combination of blue and green and is in my opinion a contemplative, self-assured, dynamic, and flirtatious color to enhance almost any decor. It is a color that truly inspires!

The Good News is that it Works Well with Grey

And, thankfully it works well with grey. The "all grey" rooms is a trend that I'm ready to see end, frankly. It's somewhat like stemless wine glasses, which I would love to see go away completely – (I don't feel as strongly about grey.) Honestly, stemless wine glasses aren't easy to hold and while holding them your hand heats up the wine. What on earth are they good for?

Ok, end of rant.

Use Your Imagination

Grey all by itself has had its day. It's easy. It's neutral. But it lacks life. Color is a bit more challenging, but it comes with such rich rewards. Think about it. Close your eyes and imagine you are in an all grey room. Now imagine that same room as a rich cerulean blue. It would be like floating in the mediterranean. A dream I'm happy to put myself in anytime. So, I am all in for this new color addition.

If you are shy about going all in, consider it for pillows, rugs and other accessories. If you are a bit more daring consider it for a ceiling or a floor, even couch, chair or drapes.

Keep an Eye Out, You'll See it Everywhere

Check out how cerulean is showing up all over the place. When you are out and about, take note. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Here are some decor images featuring cerulean blue

that may offer some inspiration...Enjoy!

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