• Adair Witmer

Ralph Lauren Inspired Staging Decor

The story of transforming a very traditional, somewhat cold, room into a place in which you just want to linger.

This luxury townhome in the middle of a bustling city was unique and so beautifully designed. The owner did a great job laying out the space. The only things lacking were the small touches that make a house a home. I took the owners large pieces and pulled the rooms together using a few unique touches and a specific style direction (Ralph Lauren inspired). My primary tricks and tools for appointing a room include; pillows, plants, lamps and art. I mean, who doesn't love a horned lamp!? What was once a rather sterile room with large lumbering furniture is now a place you want to climb in with a lovely Bordeaux, and lose yourself in an epic tail of adventure.

That's my idea of heaven ~

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