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  • Adair Witmer

Stage Today, Sell Tomorrow

Here are a few tips for staging an empty home to sell FAST



when you walk into a room like this, they can be an eye stopping obstacle. The potential owner saying to themselves, "How do I work a furniture plan around those?"


I placed two full sized couches and 2 accent chairs in this space demonstrating just how much furniture (and entertaining) can be done in the great room part of the overall space. I used the pillars only to separate the living room from the dining area, essentially ignoring them so they don't distract from the decor possibilities.


The goal of staging is to enhance the architectural features of the home. Sometimes those lovely architectural features, like high ceilings and unusual nooks can leave the potential buyer wondering how to use the space effectively – how to fill up that tall wall or work with a low ceiling slant. Here is an example of those challenges and how I chose to handle them.

Every master(s) of the house deserve a space to contemplate and relax, away from it all. By creating a seating area in the "nook" section of this master suite we invite the potential owner to enjoy the unusual ceiling lines and imagine themselves relaxing with a cup of tea or glass of wine in the space. Now THAT's romance!

I put the largest bed possible in the room to demonstrate the luxuriousness of the space. Vaulted ceilings are a great opportunity stage with a large and inviting bed, tall lamps, plants, art. All the things needed to create a statement and an invitation to rest and rejuvenate.



This awkward room to the immediate right of the entrance to the house posed a challenge. What do I do with a single, separate, yet open room. I already have a great room, I don't need another living room.

These days, especially, with so many people working from home, the simple solution was a home office. Light from a large bay window (off to the right in this image) makes it a light and inviting place to work.


Nuance is perhaps one of my favorite words. It means subtle distinction or variation. In the example below, nuance is reflected by the change that occurs when adding lifestyle touches to the otherwise vanilla landscape of a white kitchen. Although lovely in its own right, the addition of lifestyle touches complete the transformation.

If you want to see me in action, check out this short walk through of the staging ...

My passion is home staging and interior design.

My style varies based on the home in which I am working. You will never see my staged homes look the same, one from the next. And, I select from a huge inventory of furniture which is continuously updated and on trend.

I'd love to help you sell that vacant home or help you OR your clients de-personalize their homes to help them appeal to a broad audience of buyers. To get in touch...

Email me here: OR Call or Text me here: 717-278-3900

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