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Staging Tips for an Open House

You have a lot riding on the sale of your home, so you want to make sure it sells as quickly and easily as possible for the price you want. One of the first steps is to get an idea of what you’ll want to list your home for, which begins with a little market research. For example, the Lancaster, PA, housing market remains pretty hot, with median home sales standing at $250,000, an increase of 13.4 percent over last year.

Your real estate agent in Lancaster is likely to suggest holding a number of open houses to allow potential buyers to tour your property. Stage your home carefully for each open house to present it in the best possible light. Read on for some tips and tricks from Ambiance by Adair.

Clean Thoroughly

Your first step in staging your home is cleaning it thoroughly and with attention to detail. Potential buyers don't want to see huge stains on your carpets, black marks on walls and floors, or soap scum in your bathtubs. Rather, your home should be spotless. As you're preparing for an open house, start cleaning a couple of days in advance, and move systematically from room to room. Then touch up frequently to keep your place looking its best.

Of course, if your furniture or window coverings are in need of cleaning or repair, now is the time to remedy any issues. While you may be able to take care of a deep cleaning yourself, furniture pieces that are worn, ripped or torn should either be replaced or repaired by professionals. Reach out to local upholstery shops to see what services they offer, including reupholstery services, which may be your best bet price-wise. Depending on the size of the item and the material, reupholstery costs range from $340 to $960 for the entire project, which beats the price of middle- to high-end pieces.

Cut the Clutter

As you clean, A Blissful Nest suggests getting rid of clutter around your home. Pick up piles of papers. Put away scattered toys, games, and craft supplies. Simply cut back on the number of items you have sitting around your house. After all, potential buyers want to see the features of your property, not your piled-up stuff that can block the view. No one can appreciate the beautiful surfaces of your countertops, for instance, if they're covered with your to-do lists, your kids' homework, and yesterday's newspaper.

Get Organized

While you declutter, take the time to get organized. All that stuff has to go somewhere, and it's much better to sort and store it neatly than shove it haphazardly into drawers and closets. Consider picking up some decorative storage bins for your closets and shelves, and use them to neatly hold your stuff.

This goes for your home office, too. In addition to helping sell your home (an office is a desirable amenity for many homebuyers), having a good organizational and planning system in place to handle day-to-day work helps make the space less stressful without unnecessary clutter. Good lighting is another boon for a positive working environment, so have as much natural light as possible. You’ll benefit for now, and the homebuyer will easily envision their benefits as well.

Depersonalize Your Place

Most real estate agents agree that when you're staging your home to sell, STORsquare notes that you should make an effort to depersonalize it. Again, you want buyers to examine the fine features of your house, not the quirks of your personality. If you have any themed rooms, for instance, redecorate them in more neutral styles. Put away most family photographs, trophies, and collections as well so you can turn buyers' attention to the house itself.

Boost Curb Appeal

Finally, do what you can to boost your home's curb appeal. Keep your lawn neatly mowed and your hedges and bushes trimmed. Plant some flowers, too, and give your house, garage, and outbuildings a fresh coat of paint as needed. Everything around your home should be tidy and well-kept to give your buyers a sense of easy maintenance and enjoyable outdoor living.

Stage To Sell

Staging takes some effort, but if you put in the work to clean, declutter, organize, depersonalize, and boost curb appeal, your home may sell faster. Reach out to Ambiance by Adair for more ideas.

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