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6 Tips for Outfitting Your New Home in Retirement – Guest blog by Jim Vogel

After retiring, you moved into a new house - but it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. After living in your family home for so many years, adjusting to a new place can take time. By decorating your new home to reflect your personal tastes with the help of Ambiance by Adair, you can make it your own. Here’s how to purchase the insurance coverage you need, create a home office space for fun projects, and decorate your home with your unique flair!

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

It’s tough to relax in a new home if you know that you’re not properly insured yet. While you might have homeowner’s insurance, this only covers limited expenses, such as structural damage, theft, and injuries sustained on your property. To get coverage for home system or appliance breakdowns, you’ll need a home warranty, which is a yearly renewable contract. If you need repairs for your plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, or your appliances, your home warranty should cover it.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve purchased a property in a retirement community or continuing care facility, you may have unique insurance coverage requirements, so make sure to get in touch with the administrative staff to ensure that you have adequate coverage.

Create a Home Office Space

You may not be working anymore, but establishing an office space in your new home will give you a quiet place to focus on creative projects. And if you ever want to work part-time or bring in some extra income as a consultant, you’ll be grateful for your home office! Invest in ergonomic furniture and place some house plants or flowers on your desk and window sills. If you’re working on a project, manage your time wisely and get up to move around every so often.

Hire a Designer to Decorate

If you’ve relocated to a retirement community, you might worry that your design options are limited. But you can still hang up photographs and artwork, set up floor lamps and enhanced lighting options, and add some greenery. If you need a little inspiration when it comes to decor, hire an interior designer! Ask for referrals, check out their portfolios, and be clear about your budget.

Tackle Basic Maintenance

Dealing with minor maintenance issues that crop up after a move is always frustrating! You may want to hire contractors early on who can install better window treatments, assist you with landscaping, or upgrade your appliances.

Install a Security System

If you haven’t installed a home security system yet, you might feel like you aren’t completely safe in your own house. To keep your home safe, updating the locks on your windows and doors, storing your spare keys in a secure lock box, adding motion detectors to your yard, keeping your valuables in a fireproof safe, and investing in a full home security system with alarms are all recommended.

Host Your Loved Ones

Hosting your loved ones for a housewarming party can help you celebrate this big transition! Invite your friends and family over to see your house. You can introduce them to your new community. Showing it off to your loved ones can help you see your house in a new light.

Moving to a new home after retiring represents a major lifestyle change. Leaving your old address behind is tough - but with a little effort, you can transform your new property into a cozy space that you love. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find a home warranty plan, design a comfortable office space, and hire a designer to help you cultivate your preferred aesthetic.

Need a designer to help you spruce up your new home? Turn to Ambiance by Adair! Fill out the contact form on our website to learn more about our services.

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