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  • Adair Witmer

Feng Shui, Is It Still a Design Tool?

I was recently interviewed by a local Realtor, Paul Chase and the topic we chose to discuss was Feng Shui. The question was, is it still a valid design tool or a passe' trend? Here is the YouTube video answer to the question.

Feng Shui in its simplest form is about air movement. This can be accomplished many ways, but the guiding principles are to add a mix of the following elements in each room's decor for maximizing energy and flow: water, fire, wood, earth and metal. The image below is one that I added to my facebook page that is a great demonstration of how you can incorporate many of those elements into your decor for optimal balance and beauty.

Metal is represented by the metal plate, Lamp bases and even the basket on the floor.

Water is represented by the clear glass container of water.

Earth is represented by the plant, image of the animal and woven basket.

Wood is represented by the table. The balance in this decor is also impeccable. Note the balance created bby the 2 dark lamp bases with the dark background in the horse art image centered between and above.

Overall it is a simple example of decor that reflects; balance, variety, energy and most importantly, comfort. Love it!

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