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  • Adair Witmer

Staging is Still Needed in a Seller's Market

Don't just take it from me...the stats support it. Even in a seller's market (when there are more people looking than there are homes on the market) you need to stage your listing.

Here is an article from Lexi Klinkenberg that corroborates my view on the importance of staging.

I'm also including below, some photos from my most recent staging project. This is a really cute house not too far from me on Roseville Road. They did a great job choosing colors and upgrade fixtures but it honestly didn't present well empty. First, rooms always appear smaller without furniture. And, by adding furnishings and accessories, a potential homeowner has a much better chance of seeing themselves in the space. An important note that Lexi covers in her article.

An other important aspect includes the importance of getting great photos for the listing right away rather than waiting to stage later if the home doesn't sell quickly.

I won't steal Lexi's thunder but revealing all the benefits of staging but will tell you she shares some great statistics and reasons for staging you may not be aware of. Enjoy!

If you have questions about your project, I'd love to chat, give me a shout!


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